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Get a website and get business from all over the world!!! Well that’s a pretty lame idea if you only service a 50 mile radius of your office. It would be great to conquer the world, but the fact is that it is only profitable for a carpet cleaner, window washer, or landscaping company to travel a certain distance to do work in.

TsunamiSEO is a LOCAL INTERNET MARKETING company. This does not mean that we only service the area we are in but develop web sites and marketing plans that focus on your target customer in your Local or Regional Market. We work exclusively with Small Service Related and Retail Businesses to target your customers under a 100 mile radius. If you need to target a larger area we treat each additional area as a local region independent from your other service markets.

Examples of Locally Marketed Companies

  • Carpet Cleaners
  • Window Washers
  • Pressure Washing
  • Maid Service / Website Design
  • Website Design
  • Handyman / Home Improvement
  • Roofing Houston
  • Lawn / Landscaping
  • Auto Detail
  • Cab Companies
  • Retail Business ( Mom & Pop Retail )
  • Restaurants
  • Electric Contractors
  • HVAC Contractors
  • Many More

GEO-Targeting SEO or LSEO

We have developed a method of marketing to your target market in your local service area by identifying keywords, ip address, and geo-markers to identify the most likely searches in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines in which we Optimize (LSEO – On-Page) to display your web site in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Local On-Page Optimization

Everything starts with a consultation finding out who your customer is and where they are at. If you target other factors we consider those in the marketing campaign as well. We develop a highly tested layout that presents highly researched keywords and keyword phrases early and often to better your chances in ranking higher in the SERPs.

We develop the site layout and look to take advantage of highly analyzed heat maps to position the most relevant and profitable service offerings that visitors to your site will most likely take advantage of. By providing this highly sought after content early and often in the design of your web page your on-page conversion is increased and your receive more callsor emails about your service or product.

GEO-Targeted LSEO Landing Pages

After creating your main pages for each product, service, or offering, we then build specific pages for each service in each area. These landing pages will look very much like you regular page to you but to the SEARCHBOTs they will be highly optimized to rank very well for a specific keyword in a specific area.

For Example: carpet repair coppell

( holds #1 & #2 Position on the 1st page of Google for this search – No Accident )

These Pages are able to be DOUBLE LISTED because of the page layout & link structure in conjunction with the LSEO efforts on each specific page working in tandem with other pages as needed.

By default Google and other search engines display the first 10 relevant listings. With DOUBLE LISTING in stead of being in control of 10% of the listings we have increased it to 20% control. An added benefit is that more people will click the indented listing than other listings as it seems to hold more importance.

Back-Linking Strategies

We will work to build links to your site via OFF-Page Optimization, equally important we will teach you a few simple techniques to allow you to easily build backlinks to your site in conjunction to the work we perform to really help you DOMINATE YOUR LOCAL SERVICE MARKET AREA.

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